Without a doubt this quarter went too fast for everyone at the “Home of the Gophers”. We accomplished a lot. Our Cheer team and “A” Volleyball team are District champions, and the “B” team was the runner-up.  The football team had a challenging season. We are proud of the great effort by all of our kids for the sportsmanship and hard work.

Our “Read Across America” event was a huge success.  We would like to thank our guest readers from PCSO, the district office, FUSD board members and the Town of Florence Mayor.  The students enjoyed having visitors read to them and create a fun learning experience.

With spring break approaching in March, the teachers had to complete the 3rd quarter benchmarks, review student data, and prepare for AIMS, which is the second week of April. It is just a matter of focus, but less of a challenge because our teachers work as collaborative teams.

One might ask about collaborative teams. Our teachers plan their lessons and resources together, but separately they are able to meet one hour each week in their Professional Learning Community Teams (PLC) to examine student work (ESW), study the data from formative and benchmark assessments. Once this is done, they plan instruction depending on the needs of individual students. The collaborative teams work together to look at the work of all students in their grade level. In short, the team has ownership for all kids in their grade level.

The Gophers at Florence K-8 have a great social culture. We are now building the great academic culture. I would like to thank parents and guardians for their continued support.  Together we strive to provide the best education for our students.

Go Gophers!

John Allee